Tricia Simmons Wild Lily Art Studio
While I don’t have any formal art training- nor did I take an art class in high school or college- I have been creative since childhood.  However, I went down a different path, being labeled as “the caretaker” in my family  that already had an “Artist”.

It wasn’t until 1973  when my best friend Bernie, a high school Home Ec teacher helped me bring out my inner artist. We had a weekly artist date, and she introduced me to painting,  needlework and sewing. We did craft shows together for years.

I went on to become an RN, have 5 children, become a 4H leader and Homeschooled. I think I always knew I was  never meant to be a nurse- but it opened many doors.

 In  1997 I started making ceramic clay Aromatherapy  vessels, and  discovered silver clay (PMC) a few years later. I enjoyed turning natural materials into fine silver jewelry. Several years later I was introduced to Hadar Jacobson ( and her many base metal clays. After studying with her, I made architectural and pictorial jewelry,  along with forming pod shaped ones . 

Then I was introduced  to Encaustic- by the way of Linda McNulty and Encaustic Jewelry. I always said I was having an affair with Encaustic. But after studying with Heidi Beal, Michelle Belto, and Paula Roland Encaustic is my passion. I enjoy both 2D and 3D encaustic and am planning on persuing sculpture.

Member of Encaustic Art Institute
                     Corrales  Society of Artists

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